#Repost @jenibrittonbauer ・・・ Salty caramel is the flavor that put my ice creams on the map 21 years ago. People would drive from surrounding states to get it! It’s a bit more salted than a regular American caramel (which also contains salt). I had salty Scandinavian licorice on my mind when I created it. And French caramel, before I could actually travel to France and try it. Back then I used to read cookbooks and travel books at the library and watch #greatchefsgreatcities to learn. I think of caramel as an emotional flavor. When it’s right, it feels good. Hard to describe it any other way. Although you can synthesize a vanilla that will win a contest, caramel can’t be faked. Still, most caramel ice creams out there are done with flavorings because it’s too dangerous and difficult to get it right. We do it over πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯! . Our Salty Caramel relies on a very specific process – a technique honed over all these years. We’ve tried all different kinds of sugars: refined white cane and beet, raw and refined, refined + molasses, light brown cane, dark brown cane, even honey and other sugars eventually settling on what we do today which is a blend of Brown came sugars. White sugar is just sugar with molasses removed, brown sugar is just white sugar with molasses added back in. Beet sugar burns too quickly, only cane sugar works perfectly. For whatever reason the molasses, which is responsible for the white smoke in this photo, adds a depth of flavor that we like. There’s a two second window when the sugar is dry-toasted to the perfect spot, after that it loses sweetness and gains an acrid bitterness. If we don’t hit the mark, then the ice cream just tastes like salt water – 😝. Only a few people at Jeni’s can do it. Each batch is slightly unique, like live music! It’s a bit nuts to make as much of this as we do – one kettle at at time – but that’s what makes it so tasty and why this flavor has such staying power! I like it on a sugar cone because licking it intensifies the flavor by letting it build slowly on your tongue and in your nose. Try it again if you haven’t had it in a while. It’s still so flippin solid, and better than ever. Of course, texture

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2nPIN05

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