Kill My Blog

The latest Wired magazine just told me that blogs are so 4 years ago, and that i should kill my blog. The reason – “microblogging” sites/services like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Video sites.

Good thing I’m in on those or I would be starting to feel old.

Either way, I’m going to start Twittering more, and doing small blog posts less. I’ll save the blog for big things which just can’t be conveyed in 140 characters or less. So keep track of the Tweets in the right hand column over there, or add my Twitter feed to you newsreader to keep up. You should also sign up for Twitter 🙂

Not familiar with Twitter, or don’t understand what/why? See this old post of mine, it has the best video description of Twitter eva, and is really helpful.


2 thoughts on “Kill My Blog

  1. Is Wired Magazine more that 4 years old? Perhaps we should kill of Wired Magazine and just read twitters instead, or perhaps there is a suitable use for both.

    I do like shorter blog articles that I can read whilst eating lunch but sometimes also want a bit more detail and some thorough research. Surely a blog can fulfill both these needs but can Twitter? I can see Twitter having uses for updates to projects or notification of location changes. Perhaps tools like Yahoo Pipes should provide in and out functionality for Twitter? Perhaps Twitter could link to Feedburner to tell everyone that 100 people read my blog today or could enter a blog entry once a week summarising my Twitter activity? The future has to be the integration of all of these technologies so that people can use the one that fulfills their current requirements.

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