Artist Patrick Gannon

Wow.  Definitely visit his blog PaperCuts, and browse through his work, which is very, very well done.

So cool…

About Patrick Gannon:

Paper art was introduced to me while I was at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I’ve grown to love the textures, colors, patterns and smell of it. I even like the callouses.

In addition to my personal work, my illustration has been featured in magazines, newspapers, textbooks, advertisements, and a bunch of other stuff. It pops up in both the US and Japan.

I live and draw in Tokyo, Japan with my wife Kazue. Originally I’m from a farm in the New Jersey countryside. That probably explains why animals feature in so much of my art – and why I almost never draw cows.

I began PaperCuts in order to help my friends, family and art co-conspirators to keep track of me since coming to Tokyo. I’ll be rambling on about my work and all those things that make life so weird and special. Leave comments, ask questions, make requests.

Patrick Gannon
“Layer upon textural layer, my cut and torn paper artwork builds upwards to reveal an invisible world that exists intertwined with our own. Mythology, the supernatural, American pop culture and Japanese tradition mingle like tipsy guests at a cocktail party. I use my knife to shape each jagged piece, slicing away at illusion and giving form to a wondrous, dangerous and not-at-all-alien world of emotion, spirit and thought. There is a primitive quality to paper that calls out to be touched. It is rough, textured, basic. I use this sensuality to evoke an immediate, gut-level response.” – Patrick Gannon

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