Welcome Back Rubber

Rubber Capital of the Word.

That was Akron, Ohio back in the days of Goodyear. A new development has put Ohio back into the news concerning rubber, and it comes from an unlikely source.

Researchers in Ohio are making rubber from the very bane of suburbian lawn care, the dandelion. Lemons into Lemonade. Very cool, I approve. Just leave some for making dandelion crowns for the kiddies.

The exact details concerning growing and harvesting the plants, such as how many inches apart and when they should be planted, are still being worked out, but the researchers expect that within a few years the processing plant in Ohio could produce about 20 million tons of rubber annually.

By 2015 they hope to triple that amount, to more than 60 million tons, most of which will be used for research purposes.

VIA: Treehugger.com


One thought on “Welcome Back Rubber

  1. My friend and I went to Ohio State Fair today and we played an Ohio trivia game. One of the questions was regarding the rubber capital of the world. Thanks to you, I got the question correct!

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