Bonnaroo 2008 Blogaroo

My 1st Bonnaroo was almost perfect. I really had an awesome time with everything. When I say perfect, I’m just being picky. (Metallica didn’t play Fight Fire with Fire, and I missed the Surprise Superjam)

bonnaroo 2008

On any vacation, the group of people you travel with and spend your time with can make or break the trip. I bought my ticket knowing of only one other person I knew who was going, not even sure if I’d be going with them. It turned out great, I drove down with two friends, and ended up in a great group of 11 people.
As I said before, I had a great time and just wanted to thank Mike, Brutz, Jen, Louis, Heather, Mollly, Todd, Jackie, Meghan, and Bacon for being such a great group to hang with.

bonnaroo group photo

That being said,

That was what you heard being shouted at every hour of the day. Both during shows, in the camping area, Bonnapoo!! from the port-a-jons, and at completely random times and places.
People were just that happy to be there. I myself definitely let the good times wash over me.

Gogol Bordello Bonnaroo
This was awesome. I ❤ Gogol Bordello, and they decided to love me back. Brown chicken brown cow.

I put my pics up on my Flickr site, and the videos are going up there too.
Here’s the list of artists I actually saw:
Matt Morris – new guy, sounded really good on the radio, but not the same live. Where’s the violins dude!
MGMT – Trippy unique sound, very cool. A favorite of many.
K’naan – My favorite new discovery of the whole thing. He needed a bigger stage.
Vampire Weekend – Saw them on Valentines Day 2008 with about 500 or less people, this time This Tent was overflowing, many many thousands of teenage girls fans.
Gogol Bordello – Words can’t express their show.
Pearl Jam – I was happy his voice was still really strong, and they really went the extra mile to give the fans a good show.
Metallica – Only played 1 song from after 1991. Hells ya. Pleasantly surprised by how good they still are.
The Raconteurs Just saw a few songs, but they rock. Jack White is sick on guitar.
Tegan and Sara
– Good for their fans, they talk a lot in between songs to. Friendly at least. 🙂
Lez Zeppelin
– Just saw one song, but heard many form campground, and they sounded really good. All women, All Zeppelin.
– That Tent went from dead to full rave mode in just the time it took her to take stage and throw horns out into the crowd. After 3rd song she filled the stage with girls from the crowd and the rest was a party. One crazy show.
Sigur Ros
– What can I say. They sound surreal. Check this review for many pics and vids from show.
Ghostland Observatory
– In between Talib and Chali 2na I caught these guys, and was blown away. Perfect live show, crazy lights and big, big sound. New fan.
My Morning Jacket
Epic 4hr set in the pouring rain. Fans of their were in Heaven. I liked the song Highly suspicious a lot. Gotta get it.
Talib Kweli
Only caught his last song, Get By, but that was the one I wanted hear anyway. Unimpressed. He did that thing where he has some other dude finish each line, weak.
Chali 2na
He is awesome, and was really into the crowd. Love his delivery. One of all time best.
Death Cab for Cutie
– Not really knowing them much, I mostly enjoyed the beautiful sunset and atmosphere of the festival.
Orchestra Baobab
– By the time they finished they had a large crowd. I loved the easy going African jazz vibe.
Alison Krauss and Robert Plant
– About half the songs I heard were Zeppelin re-workings which was nice.
Widespread Panic
– They closed out the Festival Sunday, and it was a Hippie fest if I’ve ever seen one. They sound great too.
Robert Randolph
Only caught a brief moment of his show, wish I would have seen more.


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