Lowers Cholesterol, Lowers Carbon Footprint

This is pretty cool. I like the way the things are going along these routes.

Another wiff of the future…

Via: Inhabitat

field of oats

Quaker Oats Porridge Powered Factory

post by Tylene Levesque

Here’s a breakfast that’s capable of not only fueling your body but also powering the entire factory that makes it. Scott’s Porage Oats, a Quaker Oats Factory at Uthrogle Mills in Scotland is installing a combined heat and power biomass boiler that will enable the factory to become carbon-neutral, running entirely on waste oat husks. The husks, removed from the oats during the milling process, will provide 9,709 MWhrs of electricity and 10,902 MWhrs of steam a year, reducing its emissions by 9,000 tonnes a year—equivalent to the annual emissions of 3,000 cars. Now none of the energy stored in the oats will go to waste.

renewable energy, byproduct fuel, industrial waste, Quaker Oats Porridge Powered Factory, Scott

I just read that Cuba has been doing this with their sugar cane factories since the 1950’s. Cuba FTW!


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