Media Mogul

Well, I am sooo published. Twice now this summer/fall. Earlier this year a reporter from ABC News Online used an image of mine for a story, and now another is being used for an online story from Chicagoist, an online blog about all things Chicago.

See it here, or click on the picture below.

Yea, my plans for Nate Brown World Media Domination are finally starting to roll. Word.


3 thoughts on “Media Mogul

  1. Awesome. Slightly random in connection with the article. But awesome. How do they find you. Did someone see that mosaic and think “there has to be a picture of this on the internet” then stumble onto your picture?
    None the less this is a cool pic. Keep up the awesome goodness.

  2. The Caduceus or Rod of Asclepius is an ancient Greek symbol representing healing the sick through medicine. That is why you see it many times in things associated with medicine or healing.

    People just do searches at the large picture sharing sites like Flickr and then ask the photographer for permission to use the image.

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