Via: Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello Seen this movie several times before from the first row : 1)in Kiev when Chernobyl blew up 1986 Evacuation 2) In Immigration 3) Sept 11 /NYC … and more some on various scales round the world… AND HERE WE GO AGAIN . AND WE WILL GET THROUGH IT AGAIN ✊🏻 But We’ll def get through it faster If we use this times for developing better physical & psychological resilience, remembering your actual real life priorities & what human life is actually made of. As well as meditating & resetting your intentions and making sure they are positive. That way the spirit of Compassionate cooperative Community emerges naturally, even if distances between us r temporary greater. That way the faster we’ll be dancing around the fire together and sharing stories of next level human resilience. Let’s rock again sooner than later ✊🏻 #wewillgetthrougit #resilience Sept 12/2001 nyc outside Mehanata @pamelaracine @rachelcomey @mehanatany